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Trust of Calibration


We are a full-service laboratory, providing repairs, replacement components, new instruments and a whole range of calibration services with calibration Certificates.

Within the laboratory, each of your tools is cleansed and inspected as a part of its calibration.

Dedicated permanent stations permit us to soundly and with efficiency check your test and measurement equipment to its needed standards, ensuring you're solely while not your equipment throughout its maintenance for the minimum time potential.

Handling troublesome tests and distinctive equipment are among our strengths. From an engine transport frame to weights no larger than a human hair, we have capability to examine and calibrate under the same roof, minimizing logistic and administrative times.

Larger immovable things can be calibrated at client sites, subject to certain conditions.

Handled by technicians with years of expertise in precision calibration and experience in real-world measurement applications, your tools are back during a matter of days instead of weeks.

Your tools are adjusted for best accuracy at no extra charge and you get calibration results as a part of our service. broken tools are repaired and restored to their original performance, often for a fraction of their replacement cost. When an item is not repairable we can provide replacements, saving you the effort of sourcing from multiple suppliers.

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Trust of Calibration   We are a full-service laboratory, providing repairs, replacement componen
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